Affiliate Program

VivaNdolo is one of the world's most secure dating sites with more 10,000 users already register, we are representing in 03 countries of the world in less than a month from the official launch. We set up a very affiliate program simple allowing our users to have pay in just a few clicks.

How it works ?

Every VivaNdolo user has a SEO link in his account, just copy this link and share it with your loved ones.

Every VivaNdolo user has a referencing link in their account, Just copy this link and share it with your loved ones.

At each registration or transaction of one of your prospects, you can receive up to 50% of this member's transaction fees and this will be done each time and for an indefinite period.

Example if one of your affiliates makes a payment of $ 20 for his monthly subscription, you receive coins worth $ 5 for your top 100 affiliates and $ 5 to $ 10 for your first 1000 affiliates.


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